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Aldi has experienced a huge scale of growth which has challenged employee engagement. After seeking staff feedback for a number of years with the response rate peaking at 60% in 2009, dropping down to 52% in 2012, on the brink of enormous expansion.

With such a large volume of employees joining Aldi, it was essential to make sure they were aware that the company took engagement seriously and that feedback drives change.

To increase the response rate Aldi set about a whole new approach, revising the question set, giving the survey an independent brand, associating an incentive with their response and ensuring that the survey was effectively communicated.

Initially there were 102 questions involved. Through defining what they were trying to achieve, they were able to reduce this to 50. The addition of a charity donation based on the number of people who took part had a great impact on response levels, as did the branding, as it offered a consistent delivery of key points and messages across the entire organisation. A video supporting the survey featured people from across the country, representing the various roles across Aldi, including the CEO.

It worked.

Response rates increased and the information it delivered enables employees to see that their views have made an impact on how the organisation is run.


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