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The digitisation of HMCTS

The digitisation of HMCTS









Brief and approach

From probate, divorce, civil money disputes or benefit appeals -  a large portion of the nation will interact with HMCTS at some point in their lifetime.

HMCTS knew it was time to move their lengthy paper-based processes online to ensure optimum efficiency both for citizen users and internal users.


Since implementing the first digital products citizens can now track their Social Security and Child Support appeals online and be notified of any changes securely.

In the near future HMCTS and DWP would also be able to share evidence online to avoid sending and storing paper, leading to over £1.4m savings per annum. And citizens will be able to start (submit) their appeal online from 2018.

Client response

“They have provided the people, support and helping direction to deliver some quality digital outcomes. We are roughly half way through some of the digital delivery, so we have much more to do. But the foundations are looking great.”

– Robert Marchant, Delivery Manager

£1.4m savings per annum

by sharing evidence online and avoiding sending and storing paper.

Online appeal submissions from 2018