Marketing excellence in the Digital Age

Marketing excellence in the Digital Age






The challenge outlined was to define how marketing in Santander needs to evolve to meet customer demands today and in the future, in an increasingly connected world.


We designed an intensive programme of strategic research that drew on skills and insights from Santander and its partners, analysing four key areas - customer trends; retail banking trends; technology driven mega-trends; marketing trends.


The insights from the research were used to define a vision and set of guiding principles for the Marketing organisation. The findings were well received by Executive and Non-Executive Directors and have sparked a lot of debate within the wider organisation. While the output has set the course of change, the transformational nature of the findings mean that the real change journey has just begun.

Client response
“A creative, exhaustive and productive process was carried out with enthusiasm, diligence and, above all else, open, exploratory mindsets. Essential qualities to making the most of daunting data sets and timelines." 

– Keith Moor, CMO