Reinvigorating the TradePro engagement programme

Reinvigorating the TradePro engagement programme





Wickes wanted to increase the value and revenue of their 'Trade Pro' programme targetted towards professional traders 


Revenue, basket size and average transcation size increased by over 10%. 


The Wickes ‘Trade Pro’ programme is designed to engage professional traders, making Wickes a one-stop-shop for their day-to-day trade needs. However, the only communication sent to these customers was a string of welcome emails, meaning there was no attempt to increase engagement with the scheme. Trade Pro members were not re-purchasing and many were becoming ‘lapsed’ members.

We created a bespoke communications plan for three distinct groups of Trade Pro members: ‘Nurture’, ‘Lapsing’ and ‘Lapsed’. Each received tailored communications personalised to their customer status, promoting deeper engagement with email communications by serving relevant and genuinely desirable deals. It is a prime example of personalisation done the right way. Of course, we also created a control group within the Trade Pro base which received no communications, allowing us to set benchmarks against which uplifts could be measured.

The result? Not only did the revenue generated by respondents increase by 14%, the total numbers of items per basket increased by 15% and the average transaction increased by 9%.

Revenue generated by respondents increased by 14%

Average basket size increased by 15%

Average transaction increased by 9%