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ENGINE Transformation is a full-service consultancy. We are uniquely positioned to help organisations combining our capabilities across a breadth of services.

About Digital Strategy & Change

Providing clarity and direction on the digital experiences that clients should offer, from vision and objectives through to propositions and capabilities.

  • ● Strategic analysis and alignment of actions to goals
  • ● Competitor and comparator benchmarking and differentiation
  • ● Customer insight – understanding customer needs, preferences, behaviours and profitability; map future journeys and define experience propositions
  • ● Technologies and channel strategy – architecture, partner landscape and ROI
  • ● Benefits realisation
  • ● Change planning – delivering the strategy through people, process and culture change, from within


What are the benefits?

  • ● A vision that the organisation can buy into
  • ● A framework with objectives/KPIs to anchor and prioritise business activity and assess progress
  • ● Creative thinking around the art of the possible to identify and exploit opportunities
  • ● Pragmatic roadmap for change, aligning people, process and technology needs
Historic Royal Palaces

Historic Royal Palaces

Bringing history to life

About Technology Strategy & Solution Development

Bespoke solutions for unique problems, we combine customer-centred service design with open source technology, all delivered using agile and DevOps.

  • User research to ground the solution in insight and understanding of the full user context – customer, employee and stakeholder groups
  • Solution design that builds on the full eco-system of context and our capabilities – objectives and benefits, service design, data and technology architecture
  • Technology architecture tailored to a specific challenge – fully independent recommendations where partners are required
  • Software development open source, micro-services and platform integration; quality led, DevOps delivered continuous improvement
  • Practical, tangible skills transfer and behaviours for development teams and other stakeholders


What are the benefits?

  • Bespoke solutions to unique problems
  • Faster ROI through iterative delivery and continuous improvement
  • Impartial advice and recommendations
  • Quality – getting what you wanted and what we agreed
  • Speed and reliability – faster, better paced delivery
  • Lower total cost of ownership – less wasted development, less time on internal politics, better decisions, more Agility


Ground breaking support for problem gamblers

About Research & Insights

Full service, research capability combining qualitative and quantitative with strategy, benchmarking and data analysis. Providing clients with enhanced insight, quantifiable outcomes and robust intelligence to help their business strategy and operational decisions.

  • Understanding market needs, trends, habits and behaviours
  • Using data and insight to understand both what customers/users say and do with quantifiable impact and actionable insight
  • Assessing customer experience, propositions, communications or customer journeys for impact and performance
  • Identifying brand positioning and competitive intel
  • Proposition development and testing
  • Ability to overlay employee engagement and other data sources to develop full-business picture of context, operation and opportunity


What are the benefits?

  • Increase in customer satisfaction and retention, identifying issues in their infancy and predicting future opportunities
  • Greater market share/acquisition through data led customer strategies
  • Innovation and differentiation by understanding both customer and market, now and in the future
  • New market expansion and proposition piloting
  • Dual insight into customer and employee lifecycle, reduce staff churn and increase customer retention


Reducing costs and consolidation of Global Customer Experience Programmes

About Service Design & Customer Experience Design

Combining research, behavioural change and service design to create mould breaking propositions and services that deliver seamless, faster and better experiences for customers. Delivering across public and private sectors, we create services that people want to use and deliver organisational benefits in growth, efficiency and effectiveness.

  • User research and insight across customers, employees and stakeholders
  • Heuristic and data analysis of existing experiences and competitive alternatives
  • Iterative and agile working methodologies to get to scenarios and the right answer faster and with more certainty
  • Brand strategy and architecture to align communications and experience
  • Experience design – information architecture, user experience architecture, user interface design
  • Prototyping and piloting programmes – from concept to alpha/beta


What are the benefits?

  • New services that reimagine an experience and deliver a defined customer and organisational outcome
  • Redesign of broken or sub-optimal services, driving effectiveness and benefits
  • Positive outcomes – better services for customers, front-line staff and stakeholders
  • Outcomes can be lower costs, greater efficiency, higher satisfaction and NPS
Public Health England

Public Health England

'One You' Service Design

About Data Platform Accelerator and Data Culture

End-to-end data and martech consultancy services from strategy through build, implementation and beyond. Designed to drive value quickly and continuously, we bring a unique proposition at the intersection of marketing, data and technology.

  • Data and technology architecture to define the optimum solution and assess as-is data operation
  • Platform and vendor selection for marketing technology, aligned to nexus of marketing and technology strategy
  • Software development and integration for build strategies, bringing together disparate data sources into a single customer view, and tools to action and activate
  • Consultancy and programme planning from a customer, marketing and data perspective – achieving iterative results from continuous action and improvement
  • Change planning and culture change – helping organisations use the data they have and become data driven in all functions


What are the benefits?

  • Realise ROI and value from data – quickly and effectively, the platform for data driven growth
  • Reduce total cost of ownership – replace costly multi-year technology programmes with an agile and iterative alternative
  • Unlock potential for data to drive differentiated experiences – the ability to personalise comms and the capability to provide seamless cross-channel experiences
  • Improve core customer metrics – improved acquisition, increased conversion and retention rates

About CRM & Predictive Behaviour Modelling

Advanced analytical capability to uncover customer insight that informs more targeted and personalised communications. Built on a foundation of Single Customer View (SCV) and CRM capabilities, we are able to use additional and disparate data sources to unearth unusual unusual insight – developing machine learning algorithms to reveal unseen patterns that drive digital communications.

  • Data architecture and strategy in relation to the structure and build of SCV and CRM repositories and systems
  • Customer strategies turning CRM data into actionable communications
  • Machine learning algorithm design and deployment turning data lakes into patterns and actions
  • Predictive modelling based on ML algorithms that allow for anticipated actions (not just next-best) and proactive interventions
  • Longer term trend analysis to inform proposition development and customer experience refinement


What are the benefits?

  • Insight to inform sophisticated personalisation – in communications and experience
  • Better conversion and retention rates
  • Interventions to prevent dissatisfaction and drive engagement
  • Reduced customer churn and higher ALV
  • ROI from data investment – both from having it and using it


Converting more leads with omnichannel personalisation

About Employee Engagement & Winning Workplaces

Market leading employee engagement research designed to move beyond traditional employee surveys and into creating Winning Workplaces. To better understand the key drivers and conditions that result in an engaged workforce for operational and commercial outcomes.Built around a methodology and a technology platform orientated to action and communication.

  • Winning Workplaces model taking into account the primary factors that drive engagement and productivity
  • Specialist research consultants translating desired data outputs into survey data gathering
  • Complex hierarchy management enabling personalised surveying and granular reporting at all levels of the departmental and functional hierarchy
  • Free-text analysis tools to identify sentiment, patterns and trends from free-text responses
  • Market leading online reporting tools that combine survey data with action reporting and action support in the form of inspirational content and suggested steps
  • Insight presentations to teams across the organisation, ensuring that the key drivers and insights are understood and can be acted on
  • Advisory support in turning output into change planning and development programmes


What are the benefits?

  • Actionable insight for immediate impact
  • Robust data on employee engagement and key drivers, trend analysis and benchmarks
  • Employee engagement planning that goes beyond reporting ‘what’ into ‘why’ and ‘what next’
  • Improved productivity, reduced employee churn and a happier place to work
  • Improved attraction and retention strategies


Growing and taking your employees with you